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This website is Meant To frame my life and my ideas, so I do not have everything in my head. I think every now and then to show the images and text, what I’m doing.YEAR

The underwriting Means a lot to me. I have never a dull moment when i write. Trying to do so disciplined and waiting rarely write desire. The bursting of me and I’ll get even new ideas. My problem is that i rarely write them down on scraps of paper.

Since I have a dependent personality , I have occasionally hard to focus on one thing at a time, but I eagerly jump and passionate about everything I’ll Take One.

I am 45 years but I feel like 24 in Body and Soul. Although I do not really keep up with technology and do not have the latest mobile. I use a clumsy toad and a telephone of the older model.

I am the father of two wonderful children. They mean everything to me, I want to give them love, security and a good life.

My hobbies are besides reading and writing, arts and culture and social issues. Philosophical questions and the meaning of life beats everything and what drives mankind forward through a gray day. Photography is another major concern. However, I have not photographed in Recent years, but like the pictures in my head That I want to.

I like to read manuscripts, especially biographies. I never give any bad criticism, but Encouraging and positive feedback. I myself have Several ideas for books and seeking co-author of some projects.

I enjoy reading parts of your manuscript. Send it as to my mail Which you will find under the tab contact. Preferably in size 12, line spacing 1.5. Want to send in paper form, e-mail me the address.



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