This website is Meant To frame my life and my ideas, so I do not have everything in my head. 

I’ve just published my book, The stripes never go out typing on my third book, working title for it: ADHD fraudster . The underwriting Means a lot to me. I have rarely a dull moment when i write. Trying to do so disciplined and waiting rarely write desire. The bursting into me and I can still new ideas. 

Since I have a dependent personality, I have occasionally hard to focus on one thing at a time, without jumping excitedly and burning most of the time I’ll take one. 

I am 45 years but I feel like 24 in Body and Soul, although I do not really keep up with technology and do not have the latest iPhone. I use a clumsy toad and a telephone of the older model. 

I am the father of two wonderful children. They mean everything to me. 

My interests are in addition to reading and writing, art and culture and social issues. Philosophical questions about the meaning of life. Photography is another interest. However, I have not photographed in Recent years, but like the pictures in my head That I want to. 

Conspiracy theories, I think is interesting and sometimes I get stuck in them. Palme murder noses up occasionally, it always Seems to come up something “new” eventhough it is now over 30 years since it happened. Conspiracy Olof Palme (Gunnar Wall) is recommended for Those interested in the Palme murder. 

Quick case no longer interests me, however, Entitled scandal. For me it is completely incomprehensible That The Country’s Most Competent in law still cling to the Quick maybe guilty after all. 

I like to read manuscripts, especially biographies. I enjoy reading parts of your manuscript. Then send it to my email Which you will find under the tab contact. Preferably in size 12, line spacing 1.5.  

I never give any bad criticism, but Encouraging and positive feedback. I have Several ideas for books and seeking co-author of some projects. If you are interested, email me and I’ll tell more. You do not need to be a writer, but positive if you are knowledgeable on text documents, interviews and research.   

Society Life in Sweden, I recommend to you That are looking to write autobiographical. 

Fun to just look at my homepage, e-mail me your ideas or just to talk sometime. I enjoy the sites and web projects and passion to come up with good solutions. I also think of charity, When It Reaches back and makes a difference for the most deprived.  

André Roslund